It is my pleasure to comment on the work done recently by Wildwood Stone. Our project is the extensive landscaping and reshaping of a half-acre block in Eagle Bay, which is on the side of a hill adjoining our house. It was not a simple, straight forward job. It involved a series of retaining walls and decorative granite, machine placed rock walls. Incorporated within the granite walls are stone steps, planters and a fire pit with seating and general planting.

Dave and the team really helped with many of the finer design details which have made the job a huge success and the stone work looks incredible. A lot of the design ideas were Wildwood ideas.

Wildwood have first class equipment and gear, are extremely well organised and don't ever seem to get caught short with either breakdowns or having to do too much manual work. Their workflow appears to be seamless.

Dave, Callum, Alec and the team were not only very competent and efficient in building the walls etc, but nothing was too much trouble. Other trades and earth movers were working together in a small site, and they all worked together and were helpful.

I would be happy to recommend Wildwood Stone for any limestone or stone work, even if the job is a little complicated. They are very experienced, professional and they care and take immense pride in their work.

Dave, you all work fantastically as a team and should be very proud of the business you have created.

John & Debbie Schaffer